Interac’s Annual Holiday Party at Myth Toronto

Interac, a leader in digital payment solutions, recently hosted their annual holiday party at Myth Toronto, and we were delighted to provide our photography services for this festive event. The holiday party was a celebration of another successful year for Interac and a chance for employees to come together and unwind in a fun and festive setting.

Myth Toronto provided the perfect backdrop for the holiday party, with its chic and contemporary ambiance setting the stage for an evening of celebration. Our team of photographers captured the spirit of the event, from the beautifully decorated venue to the smiling faces of attendees enjoying the festivities.

The holiday party also featured live entertainment, including music and performances, adding to the festive atmosphere.

We would like to thank Interac for entrusting us with capturing their annual holiday party. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a joyous occasion and to witness the camaraderie and spirit of celebration among Interac employees. Here’s to another successful year for Interac, and we look forward to capturing more memorable moments in the future.