Prevalent Focus...

Beginning in 2019, Matthew Reid a Toronto-based photographer, had a vision. Prevalent Focus is designed to create to share to inspire. When Matthew first picked up a camera his determination was limitless. Dedicated to emphasising the details, Matthew quickly gained recognition in the industry as a fashion and portrait photographer. 

Versatile in his craft, Matthew has elaborate experience in weddings, events, and product photography.

With over 10 publications in the last year, Matthew is a sought-after talent internationally. Collaborating with designers, content creators, makeup artists, photographers, and brand ambassadors, Matthew has created a network that is Prevalent Focus.

Believing that photography should be more than capturing a photo, the mission of Prevalent Focus is to capture a moment in time, your moment in time, that will speak to you long after memory has faded. 

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this vision.

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